Our individual Truffles & Pralines

We are passionate about Scotland - its beauty, culture, and amazing food and drink - and try to use as many of our favourite Scottish flavours in our chocolate. We're delighted that our website is able to offer you the ability to choose your own selection, so here's a short guide to our handmade chocolates.

All our ingredients and allergen information is also available to help you choose.

You can also find out more about the amazing Scottish food and drink we use in our products

Individual pralines and truffles ingredients:

Blueberry & vanilla truffle - The forests around Braemar are carpeted with blaeberries (also called European blueberries). We'd have loved to use these as they are sweeter and tastier than blueberries (a different family of fruit). But! They are important food for our local wildlife, so we've gone with good old blueberries instead.

Cranachan truffle - We couldn't miss our local whisky from our range, and so are delighted to include it in our tribute to the most Scottish of desserts. We make a tangy raspberry pate de fruit, and top it with a beautiful white chocolate ganache made velvet white at 32% cocoa solids - this is a beautiful white. To this we add two local gems - Royal Lochnagar 12-yr old and Braemar honey. We dip the two contrasting layers of tangy fruit and creamy ganache in more white chocolate and topped with an oat crunch.

Chilli praline - First made when we were based in Shetland for the Up Helly Aa fire festival, this is a simple dark chocolate praline with a dark chocolate and chilli oil ganache - not too hot at all - a deep dark taste, with the chilli kicking in slightly later than the chocolate, gently warming your palette

Glasgow roastery truffle - Based on the south side of Glasgow this coffee roaster knows how to do it - brilliantly. We LOVE their coffee and use their St Vincent Roast in this plant-based ruffle and our Glasgow Roastery bar.They have an incredible range of coffee and tea too - an amazing quality range

Galloway Gin praline - One of the rare gins in Scotland to be distilled with its own spirit, it has hints of forest fir, with a subtle scent of the shore.This multi-award winner pairs perfectly with our strong milk chocolate, making this beautiful praline both smooth and beautifully aromatic.

Harris Gin praline - It's a classic gin and one of our favourites amongst a growing clan of amazing Scottish gins. Infused with hand-harvested sugar kelp this is a complex yet refreshing gin.  It pairs beautifully with our smooth dark chocolate, making our Harris gin praline both fresh and beautifully aromatic.We even managed to find a mould which reminded us of their stunning iconic bottle.

Isle of Skye whisky truffle - It's hard to know where to start with Talisker. Skye is a magical place and this distillery is in one of the most amazing corners of the island. From the oldest distillery on Skye this a strong whisky with a distinct peated smoky flavour.It needs nothing added so works incredibly well in this beautifully smooth plant-based dark chocolate truffle.

Mint & Juniper praline - Right here just outside of Braemar Morrone Birkwood. It is regarded as one of the finest examples of 'downy' birchwoods in the UK and with vast areas of juniper. We love its flavour, but it is currently under threat by loss of habitat and disease. So we only use commercially available juniper, and use it very sparingly in this classic pairing of mint and juniper.

Passionfruit & heather honey praline -  The Heather Hills Farm is based just down the road from us - at Bridge of Cally - and has around 1,300 hives in Perthshire and Deeside. We love their heather honey, using its beautifully floral flavour in this praline, a beautiful pairing with the passionfruit.

Port & Blue Murder praline - Blue Murder cheese is a wonderfully creamy blue cheese - salty, spicy, even a little sweet - made by the incredible Highland Fine Cheeses. They make lots of amazing cheeses, including traditional Scottish Crowdie, but this blue works incredibly well with both port and dark chocolate in what is probably our most controversial chocolate!

Raspberry praline - Just to the south of us are Angus and Perthshire - famous for producing beautiful fruit, including the raspberry - probably Scotland's most famous. It likes the conditions in this area of Scotland, developing a beautiful deep flavour which we pair simply with dark chocolate in this plant-based classic.

Raiders Rum & raisin truffle - Caithness Raider's Rum - made by the Ice and Fire Distillery - is lighter in body and more delicate than traditional dark spiced rums, but packs in a lot of flavour, a solid punch of vanilla. We think it brings a whole new dimension to the classic rum and raisin, especially when paired with a beautiful single origin milk chocolate - Caribe. With more than a hint of caramel in this single origin, we think our Raiders Rum & raisin truffles are slightly addictive!

Salted caramel praline - Hand-harvested from Shetland's nutrient rich waters, we make small batches of caramel to create this classic praline.

Smoked & salted caramel praline - A slight twist on salted caramel, with both smoked and salted caramel, in rich dark chocolate, but still using the same beautiful hand-harvested salt from Shetland.

Smoked gianduja truffle - We originally included a classic gianduja truffle becasue it is our chocolatiers favourite chocolate - just quality milk chocolate and Piedmont hazelnuts. But with a little more digging we discovered that Scots in Mesolitihic ate a lot of hazelnuts and would roast them in fires. We like to think we've added what a tiny touch of Mesolithic Scotland to each truffle with a roasted and smoked hazelnut in each truffle.

Braemar is so close to some incredible forests, we just had to use some of our Scots pine. After the winter snow we were very happy to use the fallen storm-damaged branches to smoke our hazelnuts.

Speyside whisky truffle - Benromach Organic single malt whisky was one of the first organic single malts and we love it! It is sweet and malty, a beautifully creamy whisky. This pairs perfectly with our strong milk chocolate, helping to make our luxurious Speyside truffle.

Strawberry & rhubarb vinegar praline - This beautifully fruity strawberry is made with vinegar - but this is no ordinary vinegar! Orkney Craft Vinegar is a raw, unpasteurised, unfiltered, living vinegar. Wine made on site specifically to then ferment on again into vinegar, gives this a unique taste. No infusion, no shortcuts. We love all the vinegars from this brewery and believe that the rhubarb gives a beautiful tang to this plant-based praline.

Toast & marmalade truffle - Inspired by one of our favourite breakfasts - Sourdough toast, almond butter and marmalade, this truffle uses a rich almond butter and dark chocolate ganache as its base. We top this with a marmalade pate de fruit and dip in dark chocolate, We've even managed to dehydrate some of the toast we eat every day, from the amazing Wild Hearth Bakery, to give this a salty sourdough crunch on top!